„I bought Bitcoin for $ 20 thousand, sold for $ 70, but continued rising,“ says Peter Jordan of Ei Nerd channel

He says that at the moment he doesn’t have any Bitcoin, but he will buy it as soon as he finishes recording the video.

Peter Jordan, the founder of Ei Nerd channel told in a video why he believes that 2021 will be the year of Bitcoin. He reveals to have bought the digital currency at the beginning of the year, when it was worth around $ 20 thousand, and later sold it for $ 70 thousand. However, he said: „I gave soft, the coin kept going up“.

The Youtuber feeling is common in the world of digital coins, there are people who sold more than 1000 bitcoins in 2013 for $ 10 each, and there are even those who exchanged 10 thousand bitcoins for two pizzas. Despite this, no one can predict the future, the important thing is not to leave at a loss.

„The Bitcoin, when the pandemic came, fell to a mere 20 thousand reais, I even bought some […], but it went up a little and I got excited thinking I was going to fall, then I sold all my bitcoins around 70 thousand reais, earned money, to car…., but I gave soft, kept going up, now the little bug came in 150 thousand reais“.

Peter Jordan is the host of the Youtube channel Hey Nerd, a channel with geek content followed by almost 11 million people. Besides the channel he is an entrepreneur and owner of Petaxxon, developer of Letras e Cifras.

For the entrepreneur, many people still look at Bitcoin with their eyes crossed, „that [bitcoin] is crazy stuff“.

He says that at the moment there is no Bitcoin, but he will buy it as soon as he finishes recording the video, at the moment he was recording, the digital currency had just exceeded 27 thousand dollars (R$ 150 thousand).

Why 2021 will be the year of Bitcoin

He attributes the valuation of Bitcoin in 2020 to two factors, halving, which decreased bitcoin production, and the second reason, the pandemic, which made several investors see the cryptomeda.

Jordan explains that in 2021 many giants will be able to adopt the digital currency, he says that large companies can invest in digital assets.

„Many people looking to Bitcoin in another way, banks and investment funds, thick shell face, it is not face that buys little, it is face that buys a lot, you and I are mere mortals, we are talking about heavy faces“.

He says, finally, that he believes that digital currency will have a strong valuation in 2021, and if someone wants to invest in the asset, the „time is now“.

„If you are thinking about investing in Bitcoin, your chance is now, but I am not recommending to buy“.

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